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KPERS Funding Shows Continued Improvement
Every year, KPERS actuary completes a valuation of the Retirement System. The valuation looks at KPERS' financial health. It also helps plan future employer contribution rates and confirm our long-term funding projections. In short, it's like an annual check-up.
Trust Fund Investment Return 11.1%
KPERS' investment return earned 11.1% on the market value of assets for Calendar Year 2020.
Funded Ratio
Reaches 72.5%

KPERS' overall funded ratio improved 2.5% to 72.5% over last year's valuation. State/School group also improved.
Unfunded Actuarial Liability at $8.5 Billion
Unfunded liability is the difference between our Trust Fund assets and projected future benefits. As of this year's valuation, the UAL is at $8.5 billion, down $500 million from last year.
Making Strides Toward Full Funding
Funding is up more than 16% since 2012. While we are making progress toward full funding, it’s important to remember that 80% and rising is good for pension systems like ours, with the goal above 100%. But there’s no getting around it. We have a long-term funding shortfall and we can’t invest our way out. It will take time and the right amount of employer contributions to improve the System's funded status.
We know this Trust Fund is your money. As your fiduciary, we continue working with employers and State leaders to ensure sound funding for your promised benefits.
You can learn more about KPERS funding at
· Toll-free, 1-888-275-5737
· In Topeka, 296-6166

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